Monday, November 30, 2009

Art of Beauty - Matte Velvet Winter Collection

I bought the Fall Collection and absolutely loved it, so needless to say when the Winter Collection came out it was a must buy, especially because of the green (my fave color right now)!

I recieved the package this weekend and I am very excited to try it. We were busy putting up our christmas decorations this weekend, and I did not want to mess up a new manicure!

(picture courtesy fo vampyvarnish)

Well it came....

and I loved every minute of it! New Moon was everything I hoped it would be and more! A few ladies came over on the 20th and we ate, drank and watched Twilight. Then we headed to the 10PM showing of New Moon!

It was very crowded but also very quiet! Chris Weitz did an awesome job and so did the screen writer, her name escapes me at the moment! Can Jacob get any more sweeter? I did shed a few tears, especially when he asked Bella not to go, "For Me" ugh just heartbreaking!

Say it with a picture!

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