Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's play catch up

sorry my bloggers, "it's been a while". Well our vacation was great. We just enjoyed the time together as a family. did the beach, museums, aquarium and of course DINNERS!

While at the beach, I got a call and was offered a job I interviewed for. Great way to end my vacation.

The twins started kindergarten, it was a bumpy staggered entry but today was the official first day and it went well! The twins love Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Turner! I am optimistic about the coming year.

The job is great. Although I am a temp (hired through an agency) I could totally see myself with this company. If I get the job I will post more details. Hopefully I will have great news in about 90 days!

Running: My running is progressing nicely, 3.5 miles, easy, is what I am comfortable doing at this time. Just taking it one mile at a time! I keep teetering with a few lbs, but i think I am breaking through this little plateau and hopefully I will have a great weight loss month in September!

And AHEM my bday is next week, so if you are feeling generous, I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did I mention that...

I am going to California at the end of September? My youngest sibling is tying the knot with her baby's daddy!

I have been looking forever for a dress, and finally found it. I love the cut and it is STRETCHY! Classic and simple.

It is almost upon us...

less than 2 weeks till my babes start their first day of kindergarten! My MIL took the duo to pick out new backpacks and lunch bags. Supplies have been purchased, yet there was no official list to buy from, hoping they send one soon.

I got a call from the school administrator asking if we would like to keep them together. I spoke to Gary about this, and we agreed that keeping them together for their first year would be beneficial to all of us. Less headache and heartache!

So I guess the official first day they are observed by all the K teachers then they all get together, compare notes and draft their classroom roster. I chuckled a bit at the thought of my kids being "drafted"!

We are leaving for the beach house in a couple of days (we paid before the unfortunate event of me being laid off) The kids are excited, that's all they talk about, going to the beach. Gary has been looking forward to this all summer. He really needs time away from his job.

On the job front:
I had a rather interesting interview last week, but received great feedback form the interviewer, and should here something in a few weeks. Still on the hunt, so if you, my dear friends, see anything, send it my way!

I am enjoying this time with the duo, playing games, hanging out by the pool, and just lounging. It's really gonna suck when I do go back to work.

The knee situation:
I have been running on the treadmill for the past 3 weeks, and feeling my knee getting stronger as I do this. I know I will prolly never run another Half-Marathon or even a Marathon, but if I could run 5-6 miles I would be happy.

I think the walking has been very beneficial to the strengthening of said knee. I am praying it keeps on getting stronger!