Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I lost my wire!

the wire to my camera so I can download pics.  Blah.  Nothing fantastic is going on .  The kids started baseball, Gabby revealed she no longer likes dancing and it's HOT!

Mom is coming for a visit in June, so that shall be nice.  The kids turn 6 soon. My gawd, where does the time go!  I still need to figure out what we are going to do. Decisions on a small budget are HARD!

Running has worked it's way back into my life (I know, I know), my knee is agreeing with the longer runs, but my time is slower than slow, but I am pleased that I am out there again.

Here's a short list in my boring life that I am excited about:
1. Going to see Wicked next week
2. Just found out MUSE is coming to our little side of the world.
3. My babes are not babes anymore, they are growing way to fast.
4. It's almost SUMMER, although it could be summer now with the high temps.
5. Jack Johnson will be here in August!
6. Less than 60 days till Eclipse is at IMAX.
7. Coming up on our 8 year wedding anniversary!

Okay I am done.....