Sunday, January 24, 2010

Donwstairs Bathroom Re-do - Part 1

When we first moved in, I was gung ho about redoing this bathroom.  But motherhood got in the way, the twins were 6 months old when we bought the house.  Fast forward 6 years later, still the bathroom remained undone, well except for the popcorn ceiling removal that went horribly craptastic.

I wanted to fix the ceiling but didn't want to add the acoustics again, so after some googling, I found it.  Ceiling tile.  It's cheap, easier than plastering and sanding.  So I headed to Lowes to purchase the box of ceiling tiles.  It came with 40 - 12" X 12" tiles and directions.  I bought Liquid Nails (which after the tiles kept falling off, I read the directions "Not recommended for ceiling tiles") and went on my way!

OH.MY.GAWD what a effin PITA this job was, and talk about messy.  I just wanted it to be over.  Back to the falling tiles.  Well I used finishing nails to anchor the tiles till the Liquid Nails dried.  I headed to The HD to inquire on a different adhesive and found a much better alternative, and boy did that stuff adhere!

5 hours and one stiff neck and back later, I was done!  It does need another round of caulk, then will need some sanding but it is done.  Part 2 of the remodel will be adding the crown molding and painting the ceiling.  Eventually I will add chair rail molding and I am toying with the idea of bead board.

Our friend Andy was over and was so into me doing the bead board. Eh  I was thinking more easy, like doing the molding boxes instead. 



China Glaze : Chocodisiac, did not hold up to the roughness of the re-do, RIP!

My SHELF and my PITA, I mean Pantry!

As I stated here, I wanted to try and make a shelf.  It was a little tricky, but in the end it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be!  I did make one cut to short but I added a scrap on the end and Voila! Done! 

I got the board free from The HD, it was scrap, the paint was $.99, the corbels were $8 and the molding was $5.  I picked up the wrong finish of spraypaint, I noticed this after it dried.  So I need to go and get that glossy finish sometime next week!

I loathe my small pantry.  As I said here, I wanted to add some shelves and re-organize.  Well I did the re-organize part, but the shelves are going to be a problem.  Seems as though Lowes and The HD do not carry anything smaller than 12"D wire shelf.  Mine are 9, but I think we could fit 12's in there, but that means adding another stabalizer bar, removing the existing shelves so that I can slide the existing stabalizer through the new shelve slats. 

Ack what a major PITA this is going to be!  So here are some pics, although I am quite embarassed by the BEFORE:


Once I figure out the shelf situation I will do a follow-up post!

Disney on Ice!

I took the kids and my MIL to see Disney on Ice, in the middle of December, because it's a fun show and it is inexpensive.  Took a gazillion pictures, so I will share my faves (I love Jack Skellington and so does D)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Very informative!

Describes my trip to Lowes this afternoon. I took my v. experienced co-worker (she's a mover and a shaker) with me. Boy what agreat thing I did, I not only got what I needed, I had a million questions answered, and I left with 2 free 8"X12" planks.  Total spent was less than $30, because I didn't have a miter box saw. 

I will get to work on my shelf this weekend and update.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VV reminded me...

Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Pallete's at Sephora are on my list of need to get.  But they are pricey ($34 really?).  This one here is LUDWIG and it's FABulous!  Can't you just see it on my eyes? :blinkblinkblink:

And now for some polish action

I have been oogeling some great lacquers these past few weeks. There is some great stuff coming out for spring and I can't wait! These are a few of my favorites:
(click on pics...courtesy of VampyVarnish)

OPI Hong Kong Collection

Suzy Says Feng Shui

Jade is The New Black

Of course Jade is my favorite out of the whole collection, then the blue Feng Shui. Both are gorgeous creme colors. Can't wait.

OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection

Absolutely Alice
Again this is my favorite of the collection. The gold speckles mixed in with the blue. BLUE-tiful!

RBL Spring 2010 Collection
(click on pics...courtesy of ALU)Diddy Mow


Both these creme colors are gorgeous! Especially 360!

Homemade Shelves

I have always wanted shelves in my house, but never really found anything I liked and for the price I liked. I want chunky, sturdy looking shelves, and PotteryBarn has some great shelves but very expensive.

Thanks to the ThriftyDecorChick I have finally found my answer, build them myself. And the best part is, the price. And it's super easy!
She also made this really cool table for behind her couch, which she also said was super easy. This is a whole new world to me, since I could have caredless about these things. (2009 was not a good year for us)

She has also started my fascination with molding! Gary is none to thrilled with all the projects I have in store for the house!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mission: Organization

So I have vowed this year to be a banner year in The Wargo household. I will get this messy, uncompleted house organized and livable. With help from a few ladies in the blog world. I always love Lacy's crafts and never get around to copying them. She also introduced me to a few fab blogs that I will utilize! And all will be done with as little money as possible!

Mission Number 1: Pantry!

Our Pantry is horrendous. Awful, unorganized and cluttered, not too mention a little dirty. No matter how many times I try to organize it, the next week it's disorganized. We have a mish mosh of things cluttering up the bottom of the pantry. I am hoping to get my FIL in and build us some more shelves.

Pictures to follow.....