Wednesday, January 30, 2008


is upon us yet Again. We are having a little party. Any excuse to eat GREAT party food and drink, right? I have a long run this Sunday (10 miles :expiring:) so I will burn way more than enough calories to consume said food and drinkage, whilst rooting for the Giants! Hell, I am even taking that monday off, to recover form said party!

Blanca, I am calling you out, mujer!

Why is it that whenever I invite my GF's to come visit me in NC, they always end up in So. Cal?

Sure we have TONS of historic landmarks, colleges, insitutions, gorgeous scenery, great folks and long drives, so why would you wanna come here when you could ingest smog, engage in road rage, visit the mouse, meet the freaks on Sunset and spend way too much money :X

What-ev's, I guess I will just have to wait till SkyBus flies to Texas to have a girls weekend! Boo to you Blanca! Mas Puto!

Even my own mom keeps moing her visit date back, jeez, doesn't anyone want to come and visit me? Starting to get a complex :twitch:

Monday, January 21, 2008


was the avarege minute per mile on my last run. Factor in 18 degree temps, 20MPH winds, I ran fast just to get the 9 miles over with. Soooo proud of myself. Was psychin' myself out: 9 MILES, 18 DEGREES, SNOW, FROST BITE!

Heading into week 8 of my training. 10 Miler comes up in Week 9 and 11 Miles in Week 11. Kind of daunting for this fat chick!

Another good sign, I was no where near fatigued till around 8PM (I ran in the late morning), then I was out like a baby! Did wake up with a sore inner thigh, and left ankle. But the ankle is a ongoing injury from years of softball, plus I fractured it 3X's :/

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Amen, Hallelujah, Praise be to Allah!

The GYM opened yesterday! SOMEONE ^^Up^^ there, Lurve's me!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Anyone watch...

Nip/Tuck? Can you please tell me when it's coming back? Going through :shakes: and :sweats:..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyone seen I Am Legend? Holy Shit, was that a scary movie. Couldn't sleep the night I saw it, and haven't slept "right" ever since, but I am obsessed with this movie. I rented "Omega Man" which is soooo different than I am Legend, and I bought the book.

Speaking of books, well was talking with my man, and he asked me why I detest football soo much? You know what? I couldnt' even come up with a logical answer. So I hopped on-line and bought Football for Dummies. We shall see if I can figure out this great American pass-time!

I was able to get in 8.5 miles yesterday. That means I still have my base! Hallelujah. Or it could have been the prayers I said at Mass that morning! Hmmm..whatevah it is, I am ecstatic..

So I am gonna start Week 7 of the half training this week. Was gonna scrap all my work and begin at the beginning, but the last run proved, I am O.K. to start where I stopped.

The gym at work is still in-operable, so my SpeedWork is gonna suffer. Have a hard time controling that porion of my running. My Tempo's shall be fine. But the only path around The Hill, safe to run is "hilly" and :expiring: but I know the hills are a good workout, so I need to shut my mouth, and put on the big girl panties!

WW is going great, but I don't think the turn out is going to be good for next session (my co-workers are just phat_azzes - the ones who joined and gave up after week 4) but I will continue on my own, on-line. Really gonna miss the subsidy, but whatevahs! Almost 40lbs gone and that's what matters.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back on the Wagon..

well as the holidays approached, I fell off the wagon, no running, and plenty of eating. So what else is new.


We had a great xmas, the twins really were excited about Santa this year. They were spoiled, AGAIN, but they had a great time.

We Spent New Years Eve with great friends, booze and food!

So here we are, in 2008. I have a few resolutions which I will keep to myself, since I never keep them.

The gym at work will be closed for a few weeks, for a plumbing problem, so it looks like I will be running outside till then.

Hope all of you in Blogger land, had a great Holiday!