Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bizzard? Running? Really?

I was speechless when a runner posted, "I ran 10 miles in a Blizzard" Talk about hardcore! 10 miles, in a blizzard, with 25 MPH winds. I have nothin' to complain about, especially my long run this past Sunday in 40 degree temps, and 10 MPH winds, after a huge rainstorm. I busted my ass just to get my measley 7 miles in.

This woman just became my inspiration. You know who she is!

So I am on Week 3 of the training, and it is going well, but I am soo tired after my long run. I wonder if this is normal? I am toying with the idea of getting some outdoor running gear, like a fleece headband that covers my ears, the water belt, and new gloves, I am pretty much covered in all the other areas.

Oh! and I lost my first TOENAIL! I have a sliver of old nail left on the bed, but the whole thing lifted and I clipped it. I joined the ranks!

On a sad note, a girlfrined of mine lost her brother on the 14th. He had a brain anuerysym (sp) a few days before and the outlook was not good. They removed him off LifeSupport, and he died 10 minutes later. The Vega's are in my thoughts and prayers!

Vaya con Dios, Alvaro!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I PR'd...

my first 5K with this 5K. Very exciting. It ended up being a trail run, which I have never done before. Was nervous about rolling an ankle, so I was cautious. Still trying to get used to all the damn hills here in NC.

I went for my long run the next day and it was all I could do to finish 3 miles and I called it a day. Guess a fast trail run followed by a long run (7 miles) do not mix. Oh well, I took a DOR today.

We are SICK again. WTF? every time I get better, I get sick again, soo fucking annoying.

And why is it 80 degrees in December? when it was 40 degrees last week?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

16 Week - Half Marathon training

has begun. I completed Day 2 of Week 1, I am excited, But nervous about the upcoming tempo run...yikes 11:19 for 3 miles? Really? We'll see, even though I ran 11:29 miles at the 5 miler Turkey Trot, BLAH..just skeered is all.
My shins are feeling a lil' wonky, hoping nothing serious.
WI was this AM, officially I am down 34#s, soo excited, haven't been at this weight in a long time, and running has helped with every pound lost. Glad I enjoy it as much as I do.