Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I actually held a long...

conversation whilst running this mernin'. I ran with Tom and we had some catching up to do, since we have both been too busy to run with each other. I was surprised I could do this with all the fahreakin' hills in our neighborhood. It was quite nice, although my HR was in the 170's most of the time we were out.

I was supposed to attend my friend Kim's Body Pump class tonight, I was really really really looking forward to it, but the IL's want to have us over for dinner to celebrate the twins birthday, since we will be busy packing on Thursday for our trip to Nags Head. Oh well, next week for sure. She also teaches an aerobic yoga class as well as a spinning class. She said I could come anytime, and I think it would be an awesome opportunity. I have always wanted to take a spin class. I will keep you all updated.

AM workout:
3.1 mile / 34 minutes
10:96 avg

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I sucketh.....

I TRIED to run 5.75 miles in this god awful heat, uhm yeah I ran 3 and walked the rest. Blah.....oh well at least I got it done and burned a gazillion calories to boot.

That's all I got!

Today's Run:
5.75 miles / 76:31 min
13:20 avg - just awful

Monday, June 23, 2008

Only 3 weeks till I am in...

So. Cal!!!!! I am very excited. I have not seen most of my family in 2 years. The twins are excited to see "Papa" Jack. But they still don't get the whole "were 2000 plus miles away" thing yet.

Had a great weekend. We swam on Saturday, then went to a friends cookout. It stormed allot, we needed the rain, but the turnout was great.

I am proud of myself. I stuck to Chicken, rather than have a Nathans dog, which are my fave. I piled on the grilled veggies and fruit, rather than chips. And I skipped the yummy dessert, which was laden with whip cream and chocolate fudge. Man that was hard but I stuck to my guns of losing 10lbs by the time I leave for Cali. (I lost 3lbs this week woop woop! only 7.1 to go)

We stayed way too late, and then when we got home we watched Fast Food Nation, wow that movie was intense. I think we were in bed by 4AM. Gary let me sleep in till 1PM. What a sweetie. But when I did get up and went downstairs I was in charge of lunch. I waned to swing by Roses, so I opted for Taco Bell. (I did good, I got two tacos)

I bought the twins a new pool for $10, Roses is the best! Then GCB called and came over with SX and the kids swam and we chatted. It was a nice relaxing weekend.

We leave for the OBX in a few days. I cannot wait. I love the beach, and we will be with some good people!

I cannot believe my babies will be 4 years old on Friday! Where has the time gone? :sniff: :sniff:


Well since the whole cold thing had me laid up, I just let my body rest. I got up today and took it easy, I was still congested so it made for a harder run, breathing wise.

AM Run:
3.42 miles / 39:12 mins
11:43 avg

PM Gym workout:
1 mile warm up
CORE and Upper Body ST with 4-quarter mile sprints in between.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I LOVE me some....

Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks! It's heaven on a tissue. Sniff Sniff, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I picked some up at CVS yesterday on my way home from work. What a refreshing little tissue it is. I highly recommend it if you are an incubus of viral plague! Cough, cough, BLOW!

I also broke down and bought Tylenol PM Severe Congestion pills, with Cool Burst! I needed my sleep and boy did that help. Now all my mucus is green instead of clear, so that means the infection is making its way out of my head and chest. Yay.

I HATE TO BE SICK! Hate it, hate it, hate it! Especially when we have gorgeous weather and I have a busy weekend ahead.

I did have 5.5 miles scheduled yesterday, but I took a downhill turn, and felt nauseous after 12:30, so I had a little to eat and left early. I feel better today and will try for 4 or more in a little bit. I have my first long run in months scheduled for tomorrow, 6.5 miles, so we will see how I feel in the morning.

Wanted to give a few shout outs to my HOMIES:

Carly - GL with the Bjorkland Half.
Vivi - Besos mi amor - you are gonna do great in that Austin Tri!
Tammy - GL with that 5K!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have been TAGGED...

twice! Once by my buddy Cristina and once by my fellow runner Yas. The tags are very similar, but one has to do with running and the other is about life!

Here goes: Yas you are first!

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago? Non-Existent. I took up running in HS to lose weight, then I picked it up again last year.

2. What is your best/worst running experience? Best: Finishing my first 1/2 marathon. It was at the finish line when it finally sunk in that I could, in fact, run 13.1 miles. I trained my ass off for that race, although I was not happy with my time, it was the most fun I have had running. Worst: A few weeks ago I ran in 102 degree weather, 4.5 miles, it was the worst experience with running ever!

3. Why do you run? At first it was for losing weight. But now I really just enjoy getting out there and just seeing how far I can go.

4. What is the best or worst piece of running advice that you've been given about running?
I NEVER seek advice about running. I may ask a ton of questions but never Advice. I try to figure out on my own what works for me.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know. I would love to have 5-6 kids. Seriously. I am Mexican and Catholic, ofcourse we do it up and we do it big. I am sad that the twins are it for us!

now it's your turn Cristina:

1. What was I doing ten years ago? I was shacking up with BF(now DH) living in sin, partying, traveling and working at a small Publishing company!

2. Five things on my to do list for today: Run, file at work, hit up Target for a few camping supplies, put away all the twins laundry, clean the bathrooms.

3. Snacks I crave: kettle chips and chocolate chip cookies.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Well since I would be important, I would try to help figure out this whole energy crisis. and I would come up with the solution and become even more wealthy! and ofcourse I would pay off all my families houses, and take everyone on a great month long vacation somewhere exclusive. I WOULD MAKE A FABULOUS BILLIONAIRE!

5. Places I have lived: CA and NC

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I hate being sick.

So I woke up this morning and I couldn't speak. My mouth was going but nothing was coming out, I was too congested. I have felt this coming on since Sunday, but figured it would just go away. Blah. And I was way exhausted, was so happy it was a DOR from running. Whew.

My throat is so sore from coughing, but I am trying to get the phlegm out, and it is not working! :SIGH:

That's all I got for today!

Today's Gym workout:
50 min / Elliptical
16 min / on the Bike
Lower Body ST

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now this shit is funny!

So gorgeous out today!

It was a pleasant surprise as I stepped out this morning for my run. I was planning on doing 3, but changed it to 5 since the weather was delightful. I chose to run along Hwy 55 (not a great idea, but there is a mock trail along side the asphalt), I am getting bored of the other routes in my neighborhood. There is a beast of a hill at about mile 4.5, but I kept it slow and steady and I was fine.

And why do assholes deem it necessary to honk at me? Am I bothering you with my fitness our are you flirting? Whatev, it was a great way to start this day!

I did hop on the treadmill last night, I needed to break it in. Man it seems fast, I was huffin and puffin at the 11:30 pace, I would walk after each mile, for about .25, then resume running. Hmmmm, I still prefer/love running outside than on that machine.

WEEDS: So I was all psyched for the Weeds premiere last night, but I couldn't get my eyes to stay open. I tiVo'd it as well as the The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which looks really good as well.

AM Run:
5.2 miles / 57:43
11:04 avg

PM Gym Workout:
1.25 mile run
Upper and CORE ST (Runners World Series)

Monday, June 16, 2008


so after we walked around the vendor section of the race, I headed home around 9:30, cuz Gary had to go into work.

I get home and noticed there are a ton of weeds in my beds, so I started weeding. Then I look at the backyard, which hasn't been mowed in ages, and decided to mow it for Gary since fathers day was Sunday.

I fed the kids breakfast and told them to behave while I was outside. Yeah. Uhm 2 hours later I was finally done. Holy shit, it was a bitch. We don't have a huge lot ( 0.33) but man oh man that sucked. It was hot and I was literally dripping sweat, but the yard looks good.

Then I headed indoors and started cleaning like a mad woman. That took another hour or so. My friend and her son came over a little later and we all headed to the pool for a few hours. Came home and headed to a neighborhood BBQ.

I finally went to sleep at 2 Sunday morning. So I had one hell of a weekend. I am still tired.

And did I mention I am up again? Dayum this sucks, but serves me right for pigging out this past weekend!

Today's Run:
3.25 miles / 40:21

So I survived....

Race for the Cure, and let me tell you why I SURVIVED. So I totally forgot that I hatched a little get together for my favorite gay co-worker, it was his Bday a few months back, and this was the only time "we" were all here. I planned it for last Friday, not thinking about the Komen race at all.

Ah, so I told myself, I will have a few glasses of wine and bring some fish so I can have a good meal, because I was not going to get home till late and thus little sleep.

Well I had to go home to let my friends dog out (I was watching the house and dog while they were in CA), then I had to go the the grocery store, pick up the twins and wait for Gary to get home.

Finally get out of the HS at 5:45 (party started at 6PM) arrive at Courtney's (no time to pick up fish dinner) and make all the food I brought. I OINKED out on everything, as we all did! And started with a few corona's which led to Ta-kill-ya shots. Aye!

It was soooooooooooooooo much fun though! I headed home around 11:30, and fell asleep around 12:30.

DID NOT HEAR MY ALARM! I woke up at 6:08 (race starts at 7AM), Shit. Fucking. Bitch, I was soooo mad, tired and hung the fuck over. I get dressed quick, threw the shoes in my racing bag, and proceeded to drive 95 MPH to Meredith College. I call my friend, and she was just leaving her house (she lives minutes from Meredith).

As I arrive, I noticed I forgot my bib and the watch portion of my Polar F4. Fuck.Shit.Bitch.
I called my neighbor, who volunteers, and she said it was no problem to get a replacement bib.
Park the car behind the waffle house across the street from Meredith. As I am jogging to the registration, my CROCS get caught on some barbwire, Fuck.Shit.Bitch that hurt like no other.

Did I mention I also forgot deodorant? Gross.

So I finally get all settled and find my friend, then I found my neighbor so she could hold my bag. We get into line, and finally at 7AM we are off. I took us 3 minutes to get over the START line and even then there was tons of congestion. I mean if you are going to fucking walk, enter into the woman only portion or the family 5K, there were a ton of walkers and the race was only into the first 5 minutes.

I totally forgot there were 4 steep hills in the course, Fuck. Shit. Bitch. I paced us fast because my head was pounding and I wanted to get it over with. Savannah was doing extremely well and as soon as we hit 2.5 miles I was suckin' wind. I took one small walk break, and caught up to her, but the last ginormous hill, took it all out of me, I was staggerin', she finished about 1 minute (31:43) ahead of me.

I clocked in at 32:41, not only is it a race PR for me, (this is the first race I ever ran, I finished in 37:57) it is my fastest 5K ever. Holy shit, I can only imagine if I wasn't tired, hungover, and dehydrated, how the race would have turned out.

And man did I stink. That wicking fabric holds the stank-on-ya! For reals!

Friday, June 13, 2008


"the highest levels of particle pollution that we've ever recorded here over a prolonged period."

Is what I woke up to yesterday morning, but I attempted my run anyways. Stupid me, I began hacking and choking after mile 1. I walked home and that was that! We have the same advisory today. All this due to blazes on the coast.

It was really smokey yesterday, almost fog like and it stunk. I am hoping it all clears up tonight, for The Race for the Cure tomorrow. This is the very first road race I ever competed in, so I thought it only my duty to keep running this race.

I am running with my friend Savannah and this is her first race. She called me yesterday a bit excited and allot nervous. "Can I run with ear phones? What should I wear?"

I finally picked up the treadmill, we ordered, last night. It is a massive beast. Gary and I have the bruises to prove it. Hauling that thing upstairs was a feat in it of itself. WOW. But now if we ever have these bad air quality days again, I am all set.

GoodLuck Yas, at the Danskin! I know you will do great!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hotter than all get out...

it was yesterday. I ran in 101 degree heat. I was trying to get in 5 miles but I only mustered 4.5 and only 3 of that was actual running (again are there no flat trails here in NC? I am sick to death of trying to run on all these FUCKING hills). But I got it in cuz I slept in that morning. and I hate missing workouts.

I am a little depressed, I am up up up on the scale. WTF? Just irritating is all. I am soo tired of hovering around the same number these past 3 months. But I am hiking up the big girl panties and am keepin' keeping on!

A little over 4 weeks before I head home to see my family. I am shooting for a 10lb weight loss before then. We will see if I can shoot a miracle out my fat ass!

Yesterday's Run:
4.5 miles / 59:20 min
13:15 Avg (holy shit that's just awful)

Today's Gym Workout:
30 min on the elliptical
Runners World Core ST

Monday, June 9, 2008

Where have I been?

That I totally missed this article "Salmonella found in tomatoes". So I made this killer pasta salad, all fresh ingredients. Yumm, I was excited. So my GF comes over yesterday and she brought stuff to make guacamole. As she is chopping all the ingredients Gary comes over and said "You are not going to use those tomatoes are you?" GCB says "Why?" Gary "Because raw tomatoes are being linked to salmonella and we have stopped ordering them from our food supplier."

Uhm this info could have been useful about 3 hours before, when I chopped up my tomatoes and tossed them into the pasta salad! :/

So I had to toss out all that salad, because LAWD knows I would be the one who buys salmonella diseased tomatoes. BLAH. So I mad Preh Khing Green Beans instead to go with the chicken.


This humidity just sucks. I got in 4 this morning, but I really am not feeling like I could keep going when I get back home. I hope that is just a result from the lack of running a few weeks ago and the humidity. I miss my long runs.

I am supposed to run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure this Saturday but I still haven't paid for it. I can pay up till 20 minutes before race time. I am just being lazy.

A.M. Run:
4.13 miles / 48:39 minutes
11:45 avg.

PM Workout:
2.07 miles / 11:35 Avg
Upper Body ST

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another day, another run!

So I stepped out the door this morning into a SAUNA. Ugh the only thing I hate about the south, the HUMIDITY! I was planning on 5 but man I struggled HARD after mile 2, Geez, so 4.10 is all I could muster and even that was partly walked. Sumthin iz betta' than nuttin'!

And I hate my WW scale. My MIL gave it to me (her MIL couldn't use it) it never shows the same number twice. And by that I mean, I step on, 195, step off, then back on, 199!

Guess I need to just fork out the dough and get a phenomenal scale. I am about to toss that thing out the fucking window!

And this pisses me off even more, Candy Spelling Wins the SLOTS - Again! $180K. Really? Seriously? I guess you gotta spend money to make money! HAFER

Today's Run (Morning)
4.10 Miles / 48:13
11:45 Avg

Gym Workout (Afternoon)
Warm Up: 1.15 mile run 11:10 Avg
CORE ST (I forgot my HRM at home)
Cool down : 1.15 mile run 11:25 Avg

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


just amazing!
This gave me goose bumps, the likeness to Steve Perry is uncanny! Kudos to Arnell Pineda.

So day two of the getting my ass up early to run went well. I think I kinda like it! Leaves my afternoon's open to ST/XT.
Today's Run:
4.10 miles - 43:54
10:36 Avg

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary to...

ME! Eh got a call from MIL this morning, she was up all night spewing her insides into the toilet, so I had to call our great neighbors, and they agreed to watch the twins! :/ Great start to the week dontcha think?

I took my MIL to see Sex and the City, which was fabulous, we were laughing then crying then laughing all over again. We were surprised we were able to get in. We went to the 7PM showing and it wasn't packed, but I went to the restroom, and there was a line in the hallway for the 8PM and 9PM showings.

We like to do "Double Features" so after SATC we waited for What Happens in Vegas, which was an hour away, I talked my MIL to going to see The Strangers, which I had no idea it was based on true events or scary.

OMG, the whole theater, which consisted of teeny boppers, were screaming and laughing in sync. It was awesome. My MIL couldn't take the "horror" so she went to the Vegas theater and I followed after the end of The Strangers.

That Vegas movie blew. Hated it! Pass if you can, wait for the DVD.


I got up early and headed out for 3.5. It was great weather, breezy 62. Been reading this book by
Runners World - a book for women and running. And the chapter I left off on said that I need to attack the hills with more speed and better form, so that is what I practiced on this mornings run.

Do the hills ever get easier? I live in NC, and I have yet to find an area that has a completely flat route. What is up with that? I ran a route with 7 hills. 3 intense inclines and 2 moderate and 2 easy. Man I was sucking wind, but it felt good, and I feel my form improving. But yeah I still hate those Hills!

Today's Workout
3.5 miles / 37:07