Monday, September 29, 2008

Ahhh another day..another Run..

It has been sooo gorgeous lately, that afternoon runs are quite desirable! I did 4 today on my lunch break. ATT was busy this afternoon, tons of walkers and strollers! Always nice to see people out on a gorgeous day!

As I finished up my run, I headed to Quiznos to get a sandwich, and noticed a ton of balloons and signage for a new store, a new RUNNING store. I went in and met the owner and chatted for a bit. Nice man. Well at least now I don't have to drive 45 minutes to buy my shoes anymore!

Had a very lazy weekend. I was out on Friday and Saturday nights, ate and drank way tooo much.

Today's Run:
4 miles
left my HRM at home, it's on the fritz!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's not dermatitis...

it's Psoriasis! Ewwwww even worse. Of course I get an uncurable disease.

She prescribed Clobetasol, to apply to my hairline around my forehead and around my ears. And she wants me to use a combo of Nizoral (which I have been using) and T-Sal!

And when the nurse brought me to the room , she asked me a few questions, then told me to undress and put on a robe. I was not prepared for that. I asked her why and she said the Dr. will want to check out the rest of your body. So I took off everything but my panties and of course, the Dr. is having a student shadow her, a Young, good looking, Male student. Mind you legs are not SHAVED! Thank god I am sooooooo tan from our last vacation, and you really couldn't tell! So embarrassing.

So word to the wise, no matter what kind of Dr.'s appt you have, shave your legs and pits (I shaved them, last night)!

Maybe Dermatitis..

is what has been plaguing my hair line and scalp for the past 3 months. I have tried everything possible to get rid of it, but no such luck. It's really ugly looking and is keeping me from wearing my hair up and the dandruff? Jeez I have the worst dandruff ever. It's disgusting. I was able to finally get in to see a dermatologist today, YEAH, so I am hoping this will be the end of my suffering!


The temps have been soo low compared to the last few weeks, that running has been on my mind 24/7. I actually got up with m alarm at 4:45AM and headed out for 4 miles at 5:15AM. It was dark, so I kept my route along Main St of my little town, making sure I looped to pass the police station a few times and staying under the street lamps. I was surprised how many cops are out at 5AM.

Less than 6 weeks to the City of Oaks Half Marathon, I am hoping I will be fine. I am going to try to get 2-a-day's in 3x a week till then, to help whip me back into shape. I wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so long with my training, but the 4 I ran this morning felt good.

Weight Watchers!

I have not been counting points in the longest time, it felt really foreign this morning when I logged on to check on my running gals and enter my points. How long does it take for something to become habit? 3 weeks? Why oh why did I let all of my hard work fall to the wayside? SIGH!

Today's Run:
4 miles / 49:25 min

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our week in Wrightsville Beach!

Our Beach trip was nice and relaxing. Other than we had a total mix up on what house we were supposed to have rented (Gary's boss has a handful of houses and him and Gary were not in sync about which one we wanted to rent)

I finally found the right house in Wrightsville Beach (I had been in Atlantic Beach, about an hour and a half north of Wrightsville) and it was even nicer that the pictures!

We mostly hung at the beach and relaxed, but on the day it rained we headed to the NC Aquarium at Ft Fisher. It's small but it was a nice trip for the twins!

I read a few books, , we layed out in the sun and we lived in the water! This was a great trip, other than Gary and I both got sick!

Drag Queen Bingo!

I went with a friend and it was freaking hilarious. All proceeds went to a local AIDS charity that helped families living with HIV and AIDS.

The performers were great, and the hosts were very funny! I didn't win a thing, but we had to go up on stage when we didn't stand and shake our ass when they called O69!

Man I have no motivation....

to do anything.

I just can't beat this funk. Don't know what it is! Oh well, I am trying to get my eating back on track because I have gained way too many lbs back! My clothes are getting really tight and I gave all my old clothes to the goodwill, for this EXACT reason!

And my half marathon is in less than 6 weeks! I NEED.TO.RUN!

We have had a great Summer this year. We have done a TON of vacations. I am soo TIRED!

Here are some pictures of our trip to Morrow Mountain over Labor Day Weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a quick update...

I am currently at the beach for 9 days. Woohoo Happy Birthday to me!

I have a ton of pics from camping a week ago and I will have tons from this trip!