Monday, March 31, 2008

T-Minus 5 days tilll.................

Today's run was 2 quick miles, and 4 quarter mile sprints in between CORE ST! Tomorrow's workout is the same except I'll swap out CORE for Upper Body, Wednesday I have a dentist appointment so I will DOR it, Thursday I have 5 mile Tempo run and Lower Body ST, Friday I will hop on the Elliptical with a DOR on the ST.

The weather is still pretty crappy, but we do need the rain. The 10 day forecast on is calling for rain this whole week and scattered T storms on race day. I am hoping that it either mists in the morning or holds off until after the Race!

I need great weather prayers..puhleeze!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cold and rainy?

how is this possible when it has been 70 plus degrees out this whole week? ugh so annoying.

Well I only did 5 miles of speed work instead of the scheduled 10 yesterday because I had 12 miles t0 get in today. I was pissed off that it was so chilly, and sooo windy. Doesn't the BIG GUY know that I had 12 miles to do and 15-20 MPH winds are not good? I did it and cursed every mile, but I did conquer the HUGE ASS hill that I usually walk. I mean there are tons of hills on this run but this one seems to never end, but I did it.

I am loving the new Asics, but they still have some breaking in to do. I am going to run with my neighbor tomorrow morning, up Main Street, a quick 4, but he is hesitant, we usually do 3.

So the race is in one WEEK, and I have a handful of supporters coming. Hopefully the weather is more cooperative than today!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a day part 2...

as I was driving through UNC's campus to get to Fleet Feet, a coppah pulled me over for the window tint. Ugh. He ask for my license and whatnot. He comes back and informs me I am driving with a suspended license, have a warrant out for my arrest and might have to impound my car and take me to jail!

Holy fucken shit, I got light headed and felt nauseous. Now I have been to jail before, but not as a mother. As soon as he went back to his cruiser I balled like a big ole' baby. I called Gary and he tried to calm me down.

Well the coppah came back and said he was mistaken but he was going to take my license, and he was going south and I should go north.

Well I head to the DMV in hicksville, and get nothing but grievance from the lowly hourly waged employees. Complete assholes, so I had to drive all the way home to pick up my passport and SSN and head to the DMV in Cary, where I was met with smiles and apologies.

$11o later, I had my record cleared and a new license in my hand. What a week I tell yeah.

So needless to say my running has been non-existent, and I am quite perturbed, as my race is in a weeks time. Oh well, I will just get in my remaining runs, and I should be fine.

I went today and got fitted for a shiny, soft new pair of running shoes. Asics Gel -Landreth 4 OH MY GOD, it's like running on pillows. I have been running in New Balance WR892, and boy what a difference. I love New balance but Asics know what the hell they are doing. Eeeeek I had to buy a size 10, I thought I was gonna faint. A 10? Really? and the Aics are wide in the front and this is what I was lacking from the WR892's.

I also picked up a wicking tank from Calvin Klein and comfy running capris from Nike, courtesy of TJ Maxx! My official RACE outfit. I really want shorts but my thighs are soo not ready for them, so I will have to sweat it out in capris, no wicking!

Monday, March 24, 2008

What a day...

so after the gym I hit up the grocery store because I had no food at my office, as I am leaving the Woodcroft Shopping Center, I was stopped at the stop sign and the chick behind me hits my car.

Blah...there was a crap load of traffic so I was being nice, so that the other people who are on their lunch break don't get stuck behind us, and turned right and she followed, as I turned into BK ..that BITCH kept on going. By the time I get out of my car all I saw was the make and model and a sticker....

I can't believe this happened. I am livid. and for those of you who know me, I hate hate hate being made an asshat of!

So I pull back into the center, and I asked around and one of the workers at the packaging store said he saw it and gave me his card and number. I called the police and he shows up at takes my info and files the report.

I called Mark Fulk (a sweetheart) and files the claim. He will let me know when he hears from the adjusters.

The damage is minor, mostly scrapes and peeling paint. At least I was not hurt or anyone else. But all I have to say to that WOMAN is Karma is a Bitch, and her name is Elysia!

Pictures to follow.

Easter 2008

With their friends.

Happy Family!

With their favorite Easter present.

Can't sleep,

so I will BLOG. I am sooo pissed off at myself, I have been stuffing and gorging this past 4 days. Thursday was supposed to get in 10 miles, well Derrick chame down with a flu and it all went down hill from there. I had to stay home on Friday with 2 pukey kids (sooo fun :(..)

Why do I do this? I have 2 weeks left till the race and I am sabotaging my goal.

But I am back on track (hmm what time is it? 2:350 AM, so today) TODAY!

The twins had a great Easter. We had a few egg hunts yesterday and we headed to the IL's today, where the gorging continued. But all in all it was a great Easter.

I booked our flights to So. Cal (Thanks MOM!) I can't wait. We haven't been in 2 years. Man I miss my family, so it is going to be a great trip spending time with my mom F2F!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A case of the MUNDAY's!

Why do MONDAY's sxazz? I'll tell you why, it's because I have to get my ass up, get ready, wake the twins up, get them ready, then fight traffic to get to my IL's then fight even more stupid ass drivers to get to work!
Stepping off my soapbox now!

Back to topic: Running

Thank you, Tom, for offering to watch the twins on Saturday so I could get my 11 miles done with a quickness. (I talk about Tom allot don't I? It's just cuz, Tom and Tesa are the best neighbors EVAH!) well not a quickness, it took me longer than normal, I ran a new loop and it had to large hills and running against heavy traffic, the winds were killer (2 hrs 17 min)

And they even kept them so I could get a shower and go grocery shopping for the Temptations party I hosted with Gretchen. I ate way too much, but I had a blast. I felt a little bad, I kinda skipped out on the clean up, but it was 1 AM when I left and had a 45 minute commute home.

Today's run was simple but I amped up the speed, did 2 at an average of 9:45. I was sucking wind whilst running on a speed of 8. I am still a little sore form Saturday's run, but my recovery is soo much better than when I first started, so my body is showing that it is so much stronger.

What am I gonna do once the race has come and gone? Find another? There is another in October, a half I mean, and I am thinking of signing up for it.

I still need to find a 5K for me and Tom!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk!

This song is wrong on soooo many levels!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Generic Cottage Cheese................

is gawd awful......pheweeeeeeeeeee. Blech. I thought I would be slick and buy the store brand cottage cheese and save a buck, but uhm no sir, it was so nastee....I have to return it, and go back to good ole' Breakstone 2%.

And I bought some Albacore tuna really cheap, and when I went to open it at lunch today, I found out why it was soooo cheap! It wasn't the pop-top kind! LMFAO. Thanks goodness my co-worker had a can opener, for who knows what reason! Ha Ha Ha. My brain is on overload lately.

Yesterdays run was quick and easy, 3 miles on the tready, because the ACE that I am, I packed winter running gear, when it was really warm out, so I didn't want to overheat. All the summer running gear I am biddiing on, on Ebay is almost mine. I about fell over when I was checking out shorts, and they start at $40! Holy Crap this stuff is not cheap. I LOVE me some ebay!

Today's run was hard, TEMPO 8 mile, 6.5 at 11:17 pace which all of you dreadmiller's know, is allot faster than your 11:17 pace on the street. UGH, but I did it...chub rub and all!

Note to self: Check out astro-glide!

Tomorrow's run is another quick 3 miler, but the boss was talking about going to the PUB for lunch, so I might be running after I get home!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I really dislike the begining of...

Day Light Savings Time when we lose an hour. Like most of my fellow Americans, I was waaaaaay late to work this morning. Thank goodness the twins were "ANGELS' this morning and were roarin' to go.

MIL is doing fine, she was a very sore from her PT on Friday, but she is up and walking, with impromptu trips to COSTCO.

So needless to say my run didn't happen today, but since I am moving my long run to Saturday, this week will be chalk full of runs, 4 in a row that are going to kill me but they need to get done, since it's less than 4 weeks till D-Day.

Ran with the neighbor on Saturday, 7:30 AM, was the earliest he would go, the weather was perfect, a lil' on the humid side with breezes, and after the quick 3 miles, bam it started to rain and turned chilly.

I have to say I really like running with a partner. Keeps me on my toes and the time flies.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Holly Springs 5K and fun run...


Bummer. Was using this race to pop my neighbors road race cherry.

I volunteered to help bring in more sponsors so we can get this race off the ground. I twas to benefit Holly Springs Elementary. Great cause.

Rain, Rain......

I love running in the rain, it was about 55 degrees, no Sun just nice hard drops hitting my body. It was euphoric. I ran 5.5 out and back from work. Haven't run in about a week. I am supposed to run with my neighbor (who has since told me, that he was holding back the puke, from our last 5 mile run, and that's why he was so quiet on the drive home from ATT) tomorrow, but said he won't run in the rain. Wussy. I have moved my long runs from SUN to SAT, since the days will be getting longer, I want to preserve SUNDAY!

Lots going on.

MIL had her Meniscus surgery, so Gary and I have been taking turns staying home, today I am back at work, and the twins will be in Daycare all next week. MIL is doing better, still out of it, but hopefully she will make a speedy recovery.

I think I found a great Pre-School for the twins, although Gary would like to argue, catholics can't go to a baptist Pre-School....uhm yes they can when the price is right!

28 days til my race, very excited...