Thursday, May 29, 2008

Been on a movie kick....

and the REDBOX has been my best friend lately. This, next to (see below) is the best invention ever. For $1 you can rent a new release. Catch is it's only for one night, but you can keep it for as long as you like, they will charge you $1 for every day you keep it until you have paid the purchase price. Then it's yours!

So in the past 2 weeks I have seen:
There Will Be Blood
3:10 to Yuma
27 Dresses
Sweeney Todd
The Kite Runner
El Orfanato

We had a great weekend, long, but great. A friend of mine and her son stayed with us, so the kids had a blast, when they were not fighting. Saturday we took all the kids to see Horton Hears a Who. I loved it, but I think it was a little over the heads of my 4 year old's, but they loved Horton, and it was at the $1.50 theater so....

Sunday we had a Bday party in the early afternoon. Teresa is in the kids class at school. How about, I was the only mom there who did not know the other moms, since the twins only go once a week, I have not met any moms. And there is this one little girl, what a little bitch. She was giving the nasty face to Gabby the whole time, grabbing toys from her, I had to step in and tell the brat to knock it off. I think she may have kicked Derrick, but whatever, nasty little girl. Who let's their kid act that way?

The food was awesome. They are from India, and the MIL made a huge spread. Then we had our own cookout later that afternoon. The kids played in their pool and slip n slide. We also made water balloons.

Monday, I cleaned and we watched a few movies.

Tuesday, I still needed to recover from all that drinking we did, so I stayed home, plus my back hurt from slipping down the stairs drunk! LMFAO

Back to running, haven't done any since Saturday. But it's o.k. been a busy week here at work, I will get back on track today. We finally found the treadmill we want to buy. I am going on my lunch break to give it a go. We needed one that could stand up to speed workouts and DH running. Since he is a big dude, I don't want one that is going to crap out on him.

Eh, this one seems like it's sturdy!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


MapMyRun is the best invention ever. I use it all the time since I don't have a fancy Garmin Foreunner to calculate the mileage. (I only want 2 gadgets, the aforementioned and a Wii!)

My good friend is staying with us this long Memorial Weekend, so we stayed up late last night drinking and watching Sweeney Todd, actually I watched, she snored! Great movie. Very morbid and narcissistic in a way.

So we went to bed late and was up late, I wanted to get 6 in but since she and Gary needed to leave, I cut it down to 5.

Today's Run
5 miles - 60:10

Friday, May 23, 2008

Spontaneous, live in the moment type person that I am..

I have decided to run the Aramco Houston Half Marathon on 1/18/09! One of my fellow runners hinted that she might run this, so it would be great to finally meet her and visit con mi amigas, Blanca y Michele!

Now to pay for the registration $75...OUCH. Of course Blanca, the best GF a girl could have, offered up her house and car (well her and her car) for my use. And of course I am going to take her up on that offer.

Now to convince my big ole' stubborn, penny pinchin', what about the kids sayin', bald headed husband of mine!

Hmmmmm, I foresee lots of sex in my future! Feminine wiles and such....

If you fail, try try try again.

So my goal for this past week has been to get up early and run, and leave my afternoon gym time free for ST and XT. Well after repeat attempts and failing, I finally succeeded this morning.

Was up and out the door at 6:30AM (supposed to be 5:30) and ran a quick 3.5 (supposed to be 6, Gary had to be at work early). And this will also help when the humidity and high temps kick in, in a few weeks. Need to get this body into shape. Too much flab flappin behind me during my run.

I am hoping to get 6-8 in tomorrow, and 4-5 in on Sunday. I really need to get this mileage back up there.

Today's workout:
3.5 miles - 38:29

I paid my entry fee to City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon today!

According to the
Lin-Mark website:

Sony Ericsson City Of Oaks Marathon & Rex Healthcare Half Marathon-2008
Total Entrants 494
Half Marathon 299
Marathon 195

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am realing in happy happy joy joy....

I set out to do 4 miles today ( I have been sucking wind to get this done and usually stop to walk a whole lot more than I used to) well today I am happy to report I did 5.75 miles without needing to stop. I rock! That is all.

5.75 miles - 66.22 minutes

Cuz' I love my kids....

here's the latest and greatest.

GSK Family Picnic 5/17/08

Pullen Park 5/18/08


Sucking Wind...

so my runs have been really hellish. It doesn't help that it has been 80 degree's plus and the ATT has lots of hills. But I am sooo frustrated at fat self. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh.

I bought new Nike shorts and got majah chub rub, gonna have to get some compression shorts to wear under them, other than that they are great. I feel like a runner in them. Most of the time I wear capris or some sort of cotton/spandex pant. My legs have way to much cellulite on them, but I said eff it, it is way to hot to care.

I am thinking of moving my runs to the early morning. I am gonna try tomorrow. With the summer heat kicking into gear, I don't know that I can handle it. We shall see.

My TNT meeting is on Thursday in Cary. I am looking forward to that. Really interested in what the info session is preachin'.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to the running...

it's been a while since I ran. Oey Vey! So I strapped on the Asics and headed out for 4.5 miles. OMFG! Thought I was gonna die, because: 1) it was like a gazillion degrees outside (86) 2) I took a route that was up hill 3) I AM FAT!

But I did it, and I feel 95687684321321984984613213548744165% better!

Last month I spoke with someone at our local chapter of Team In Training and finally last week I received an email and signed up for the info meeting on 5/22/08. Excited because they are running a team in the City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon, which I am running.

Mother's day is coming up. And the douche Gary calls "Boss" always schedules their annual Spring beach trip to Myrtle, the weekend of Mothers Day. Although Gary always gets his biggest bonus while in SC, it still blows. He is treating me to a spa day on Saturday - massage, facial and mani-pedi, this was his gift to me last Mother's Day which I forgot I had. Doh.

Also this is the first year the twins are going to make a homemade mothers day gift for my MIL and her MIL. This should be quite interesting.

Oh yeah......................OBAMA TOOK NC! Wooohooo

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Save Our Taco Trucks is a movement to do exactly what the title states. Wow I grew up on these trucks, they are an institution, and they are a cultural landmark of So. Cal. You 'member, coming out of The Dome at like 2AM all hungry, and what was there, off Sunset? Las Trocas por supuesto.

Seriously, I think I made one truck a millionaire, we ate at the same one every weekend after da club.

Breaks my heart that the hard working peeps are facing fines and jail time for making a living. What is our country coming to.

Sign the petition and save your childhood/adulthood memories.