Monday, December 10, 2007

I PR'd...

my first 5K with this 5K. Very exciting. It ended up being a trail run, which I have never done before. Was nervous about rolling an ankle, so I was cautious. Still trying to get used to all the damn hills here in NC.

I went for my long run the next day and it was all I could do to finish 3 miles and I called it a day. Guess a fast trail run followed by a long run (7 miles) do not mix. Oh well, I took a DOR today.

We are SICK again. WTF? every time I get better, I get sick again, soo fucking annoying.

And why is it 80 degrees in December? when it was 40 degrees last week?


Viv said...

WTG with the 5K!
I hope everyone starts feeling mo' betta soon.

Viv said...
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