Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anybody else out there in blogger land...

hate traffic? Oh.My.Gawd, I have to fight my way through ass crunching traffic everyday to get out of my town. WTF did the city planners do, when they layed out the plan for 2 lane highways leading in and out of our town? Did they not take a rise in population, into consideration? One of the reasons we left Los Angeles was to get away from the fucking traffic!

And if I leave late, god help us all!

On a happier note, I had my WW weigh in last night, 4 more lbs gone. Woop Woop. I am a few lbs away from leaving the 200's behind. I know, in a world where we are obsessed with weight, here comes another cal counting, non-fat eating, exercise junkie. Yeah, Yeah ...SO Sue me.

Another slow day at work...I feel bad...was on the net allot today. Oh well..what can you do?

And my dreams are getting just plain crazy. I dreamt dh and I got hitched, and we had that Max Factor heir guy, the one Dog the Bounty hunter caught, and the press swarmed our reception. Then fades into a PDiddy wannabe trying HARD to hook up. It was quite comical.

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