Monday, October 15, 2007

"Heart Warming"

We had a busy weekend. Friday the twins and I met up with our Families group for a little "Jumping" fun. I think they caught something at daycare earlier this week, but they pushed through their head colds so they could go.

Saturday, our good friends, threw their only son a 4th bday party at our local park, with a jumpy house....we stayed way too long and the kids crashed.

Sunday, the twins and I met up with some friends at this taco stand, rated the best in Durham, and hell ya it was! And then we went on to see Baron von Rumblebuss.

This is where the title comes into play....a friend referred to this pic as "Heart Warming"

Taken right outside said Taco Stand!

DH left for Myrtle beach this AM...I hate sleeping in the house without him! AAAAgh....on a lighter note Traffic was doable today!

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Tiffany said...

I think we have the same glasses, but I can't tell because whenever I take mine off I can't see you well enough to compare.