Monday, January 21, 2008


was the avarege minute per mile on my last run. Factor in 18 degree temps, 20MPH winds, I ran fast just to get the 9 miles over with. Soooo proud of myself. Was psychin' myself out: 9 MILES, 18 DEGREES, SNOW, FROST BITE!

Heading into week 8 of my training. 10 Miler comes up in Week 9 and 11 Miles in Week 11. Kind of daunting for this fat chick!

Another good sign, I was no where near fatigued till around 8PM (I ran in the late morning), then I was out like a baby! Did wake up with a sore inner thigh, and left ankle. But the ankle is a ongoing injury from years of softball, plus I fractured it 3X's :/


Viv said...

Great job, chica! I can not even imagine all that and the cold. Your 1/2 is going to be fantastic! The fat girl your talking about seems to be running those pounds OFF!

Tammy said...

Great job on the run Elysia!