Wednesday, January 30, 2008


is upon us yet Again. We are having a little party. Any excuse to eat GREAT party food and drink, right? I have a long run this Sunday (10 miles :expiring:) so I will burn way more than enough calories to consume said food and drinkage, whilst rooting for the Giants! Hell, I am even taking that monday off, to recover form said party!

Blanca, I am calling you out, mujer!

Why is it that whenever I invite my GF's to come visit me in NC, they always end up in So. Cal?

Sure we have TONS of historic landmarks, colleges, insitutions, gorgeous scenery, great folks and long drives, so why would you wanna come here when you could ingest smog, engage in road rage, visit the mouse, meet the freaks on Sunset and spend way too much money :X

What-ev's, I guess I will just have to wait till SkyBus flies to Texas to have a girls weekend! Boo to you Blanca! Mas Puto!

Even my own mom keeps moing her visit date back, jeez, doesn't anyone want to come and visit me? Starting to get a complex :twitch:


Viv said...

Did somebody southern cal, I am so there, when?
Just kidding, mujer!
I am so looking forward to Super Bowl holiday, I am going for the Giant as well. The Pats get on my nerves with their pretty boy QB. OK I will chill. Well, at least your doing 10 miles to enjoy all the splurging. Um, I am just resting that day to make sure I soak in all the calories..LOL!

Diario de Elysia said...

LMAO Viv, atleast you are closer to Cali than I.
Oh well, thanks for the ticker Idea (I stole it from ya)

My friend has been trying to rope me into the Ramblin Rose Tri (it's a women only event) but the swimming gets me.

Not a strong swimmer by any means! And uhm, this body in a bathing suit, whilst running? Oye vey!

Tammy said...

YOU PEOPLE are making me want to learn to swim...
Any place warm sounds like a fabulous idea right now.

Yasmin said...

Viv has inspired me to do a tri. I'm ramping up my running first.

I am also rooting for the Giants, although it's not because I want Eli to get a ring, it's more because I dislike Brady and Michigan.