Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's play catch up

sorry my bloggers, "it's been a while". Well our vacation was great. We just enjoyed the time together as a family. did the beach, museums, aquarium and of course DINNERS!

While at the beach, I got a call and was offered a job I interviewed for. Great way to end my vacation.

The twins started kindergarten, it was a bumpy staggered entry but today was the official first day and it went well! The twins love Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Turner! I am optimistic about the coming year.

The job is great. Although I am a temp (hired through an agency) I could totally see myself with this company. If I get the job I will post more details. Hopefully I will have great news in about 90 days!

Running: My running is progressing nicely, 3.5 miles, easy, is what I am comfortable doing at this time. Just taking it one mile at a time! I keep teetering with a few lbs, but i think I am breaking through this little plateau and hopefully I will have a great weight loss month in September!

And AHEM my bday is next week, so if you are feeling generous, I'm just sayin'.