Thursday, February 7, 2008


  • 10 Miles in 1 hour and 55 minutes. Holy Shit. It was hard though. I ran on Main Street with two huge ass inclines. Blah. Slow, 11:30 pace, but I did it. What a difference GU makes. Wow. Thanks for the tip Maria!
  • Ash Wednesday and fasting. I had two small snacks consisting of fruit and pocorn. Guzzelled water to control the hunger pangs, but when dinner time came, I GRUBBED! Whole wheat pasta and veggies, and I was still hungry. So I headed to bed before I undid everything I had done thus far.
  • and will hopfully survive my Speed work today! 4 miles at a 10:28 pace. Yikes atleast I get half mile jogs in between the speed miles.


Gary and I were talking last night about our trip to Mexico. We need to pick out our dates and give them to the travel agent and figure out our milestones in regards to payment.

Did I mention how much fun we had last year? We had a freakin' blast. So did the twins. Best money spent ever.

I cannot wait to go again. An hopefully make this a yearly vacation.


Lacy said...

10 miles in less than 2 hrs???!! Girl, you are crazy. I just got our walk (with a 3 year old) to the mailbox (2 blocks away) down to 30 minutes round-trip. You rock!

Viv said...

Nicely done mujer! I am expiring at the thought of six tomorrow. You will be my motivator to continue! Mexico sounds great, margaritas ppprrrrr!