Monday, April 14, 2008


I feel about 300 percent better than I did last week. That cold really knocked me on my ASS! I haven't been that sick in a long time. And it didn't help that I stuffed the pie hole with everything I could find. But eh...I am back on track.

I need to commit to 2 races, Angels Among Us 5K benefiting the NC chapter of Make a Wish Foundation , which I will be running with Tom, the greatest neighbor ever and The City of Oaks Half Marathon, which upon looking at the course, is basically the same course that the B of A half followed. Gonna do that this week.

Haven't run in over a week, so today is my first day back, will go easy with 3 miles and CORE ST! I am ready to kick this weight loss back in to high gear. I am logging all my food into the WW food thingee and staying OP! So all my fellow WW ladies who read my BLOG, need to kick my butt if you see me getting lazy!

I need to get some more weight off before I fly home in July and see my family! Now that I have it in writing, here, for all of you to see, I have to stick it out right?

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Viv said...

Sure you can stick it out. I say if you don't see me posting on the thread it means I am stuffing my pie hole. You were sick though, feed the cold..right???

So glad you are better. I have vacation next week I know OP will be kicked to the curb. Hardcore when I get back. so, let's do this thing.