Monday, April 7, 2008

Race Results!

I will start on Friday afternoon.

I had to leave work early and drive from Chapel Hill to Downtown Raleigh, to pick up the forgotten packet.

Headed back to Cary, to pick up my Pasta Fiorentina at Cinelli's, then picked up the twins and headed to Jumpin Beans for our play date.

We got home, and I bathed them and off to bed they went. I proceeded to shower and get everything ready for the next day. Was in bed by 10:30PM and then we get this horrendous lightning/thunder storm, which last for an hour...I finally fell asleep around 11:45PM.

Alarm went off at 6AM, got up and dressed, popped some toast in the oven, spread on some PB, and grabbed a half cup of LF Cottage cheese, which I scarfed before getting into the car.

Arrived at the Sheraton, and picked up my chip by 7:30, stretched and headed to the start. Started up a bit of chit chat with a few racers. Weather was overcast with light drizzling that came and went.

8AM off we go....the band on Mile 1 was a 80's cover band which was really cool, there were bands playing at almost every mile marker. we did a loop around downtown, with 3 medium sized hills, then around mile 5 we headed out onto Hillsborough street, which is pretty hilly, not majorly but not as flat as the course was said to be, mile 7 was through the Dixie Trail neighborhood, then mile 8 has us back on Hillsborough headed toward the NC State Fairgrounds.

Not that walking then running is not the way to race but man I was getting irritated by many peeps, they would pass me..get in front of me then walk, so I was forced to go around them and get in front of them. Very annoying!

So as I am onto mile 9 I am losing steam on a hill..and I decided to walk the rest of the upward battle....Quickly. I sprinted into mile 10 and at mile 11 another hill, and so on. On mile twelve I decided I needed to suck it up and jog up hill, and I sprinted in with a finishing time of 2:37. I wanted to come in under 2:30 but those hills got the best of me.

And on to the anti-climactic ending..they ran out of medals! Holy Shit! That pissed me off even more. But what can you do.

My friend Courtney and Savannah were there to cheer me into the finish line. Had some beer and bananas and watched the awards ceremony in the rain.

I hopped in the car and headed home, but first stopped off to get a burger and fires at a local spot off the race course, went home showered and bummed it.

It was awesome. I still have a smile on my face.

And on a side note, I was reading the update on the BTR homepage, and found out that minutes before the race started, people stole some water station tables, and mile markers. I thought it was odd that there were only mile markers every 2 miles. People can just be assholes!

And a very unflattering finish photo..don't mind all the flab!


Viv said...

I will never understand some people stealing stupid stuff.

Anyhow, fantastic 1/2!! You were pretty busy the day before, so props to you. Those peeps that run/walk I swear they have it out for me. LOL! You did great,a dn I am so proud of you. I have watched you from almost the start of your training to hitting that finish line. WTFG! Somebody get this chica a big ol' medal rapido!!

Lesley said...

You definitely deserve a big ol' medal! Congratulations!

Lisa said...

You are my hero! Way to go!

(PS...I'm registered for the Susan G. Komen race in my area, too!!!)