Friday, May 23, 2008

If you fail, try try try again.

So my goal for this past week has been to get up early and run, and leave my afternoon gym time free for ST and XT. Well after repeat attempts and failing, I finally succeeded this morning.

Was up and out the door at 6:30AM (supposed to be 5:30) and ran a quick 3.5 (supposed to be 6, Gary had to be at work early). And this will also help when the humidity and high temps kick in, in a few weeks. Need to get this body into shape. Too much flab flappin behind me during my run.

I am hoping to get 6-8 in tomorrow, and 4-5 in on Sunday. I really need to get this mileage back up there.

Today's workout:
3.5 miles - 38:29

I paid my entry fee to City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon today!

According to the
Lin-Mark website:

Sony Ericsson City Of Oaks Marathon & Rex Healthcare Half Marathon-2008
Total Entrants 494
Half Marathon 299
Marathon 195

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Viv said...

Good for you. Damn mujer wish I could run everyday :-(