Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to the running...

it's been a while since I ran. Oey Vey! So I strapped on the Asics and headed out for 4.5 miles. OMFG! Thought I was gonna die, because: 1) it was like a gazillion degrees outside (86) 2) I took a route that was up hill 3) I AM FAT!

But I did it, and I feel 95687684321321984984613213548744165% better!

Last month I spoke with someone at our local chapter of Team In Training and finally last week I received an email and signed up for the info meeting on 5/22/08. Excited because they are running a team in the City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon, which I am running.

Mother's day is coming up. And the douche Gary calls "Boss" always schedules their annual Spring beach trip to Myrtle, the weekend of Mothers Day. Although Gary always gets his biggest bonus while in SC, it still blows. He is treating me to a spa day on Saturday - massage, facial and mani-pedi, this was his gift to me last Mother's Day which I forgot I had. Doh.

Also this is the first year the twins are going to make a homemade mothers day gift for my MIL and her MIL. This should be quite interesting.

Oh yeah......................OBAMA TOOK NC! Wooohooo


Viv said...

That is a HOT run. I had the same here today. This calor is only gonna get worst. Woohoo on feeling a million times better, I think that was the numebr..LOL!
Chica, I am scared for this raising money ordeal.Enjoy the spa day!!

CandCFamily said...

I think we should try this:
250 yard pool Swim
9 mile Bike
2 mile Run