Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Save Our Taco Trucks is a movement to do exactly what the title states. Wow I grew up on these trucks, they are an institution, and they are a cultural landmark of So. Cal. You 'member, coming out of The Dome at like 2AM all hungry, and what was there, off Sunset? Las Trocas por supuesto.

Seriously, I think I made one truck a millionaire, we ate at the same one every weekend after da club.

Breaks my heart that the hard working peeps are facing fines and jail time for making a living. What is our country coming to.

Sign the petition and save your childhood/adulthood memories.



Viv said...

I wonder why they are doing away with them. Anyhow I signed the petition because they are also a staple here in TX. I used to keep them in the biz back in the day. I have missed mujer, glad your back. I have been meaning to drop ya a line but craziness with vacation and all. I hope you run goes well today. Keep me posted!

Yasmin said...

Really, you liked the food poisoning that they served up with the fish tacos?

But really, I think it's because my state is poor and they want the property taxes that come from actual restaurants or the fines. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

I've got other ideas to solve our budget crisis...

lrp said...

Really nice article this month in La Diva Latina! I'm an urban gardener too so I loved reading about Patti - I used to work for a plant conservatory back in Chicago and a big part of our mission was teaching people community gardening. This brought back the memories:). Hope all is well! Keep up the good work and I'll be talking with you about advertising Etniq really soon;-).

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