Monday, July 7, 2008

So I ended up...

running the Greater Raleigh Road Race - 5 miler on Friday. I knew the course was all hills. It was a good race. I met a ton of great runners. As I was heading into the last mile stretch, the lady in front of me starts to walk, and I said "You can't walk now, we have less than a mile left" so I got her running again, and we sprinted in together. My chip time was 59:29..ouch, I chalked it up to all the hills and the heat, it was really hot that morning.

I met the most awesome couple, Deb and Nick Laraia. Nick was riding his bike 5 years ago on a country road when he was struck by a car, as a result he lost his left leg. Deb, his wife, was telling me how the community they live in (Henderson, NC) came together and showed them a great deal of support and love.

Nick organized the Foundation 5K, which he encouraged me to run. I think I will.

Later on that afternoon I took the twins, the neighbors boys, and Christopher to the pool for a few hours. Then later that evening we headed to the Nickersons for a cookout and fireworks. It was a great day. Except I didn't sleep that well.

I woke up Saturday morning EXHAUSTED. But Gary and I busted our asses cleaning house and cooking for the twins party. As guest started to arrive, wouldn't you know it, it started to pour. I was pissed off. BLAH.

After everyone ate, the rain ceased and we headed outside to let the kids swim and play. They had a blast. Then it was cake time, which was a hit. I was nervous because I made a low fat cake, but everyone seemed to love it. We skipped presents because there were just too many people and kids, so they all played then watched movies, while the parents did their thing outside.

Sunday, we slept in then the twins opened all their presents. They got some really cool stuff. After that we bummed it hard, I cleaned up a little (my neighbor and MIL cleaned up the kitchen for me before they left Saturday...Thank GAWD) then I read my book and caught up on Weeds and the Secret Diary of a Call Girl

I am exhausted. I was going to get up this morning and run but I was like uhm NO, I am gonna sleep.

Side note: some fucking bastard is fucking with me. I bought a 13.1 magnet and it was on my car before we went to the beach a few weeks ago and when we came back it was gone. So I bought a 13.1 sticker and stuck it on the rear window on Thursday, when we came home on Friday it was gone. WTF? I think my DH might have something to do with the magnet but who knows. Who steals stickers? So lame

Saturday's Race
5 miles / 59:29 min
11:51 avg