Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OBX Camping Recap...

We had the best time camping, although I was sick and hoarse for most of it, I did o.k., was still bitchy, but I had a good time.

We had a vomiter on the way there on Friday, so that set us back a bit, but he was feeling better by the time we reached camp. The 4 hour drive was scenic and pretty. I crocheted a new scarf in the time it took to get us there.

It was very windy. I was not prepared for how windy the campsite was, but I managed to get the tent up in no time as well as the 10 x 10 shelter we brought. The other campers made their way one by one later on in the day.

A few of us trekked to the beach before dinner. and what a trek it was. A little less than a mile, but there were tons of dunes. It is a gorgeous area.

No fires were allowed on site due to the wildfires everywhere so after dinner and all the kids were fast asleep we kinda just made a circle and chatted and drank and laughed. Around 11:30 PM the popo came around and told us to keep it down, cuz he was getting complaints. WTF? We were on vacation, bite me.

The wind was flapping our tents something fierce, I barely slept with the noise when I turned in. Ugh...

The next morning I heard everyone up early but I made the twins stay in bed till 7:45, then we got up, dressed and ate some breakfast while we got everything ready for our day at the beach. You could take your 4WD through the specified access, so that helped with schlepping all the beach gear a mile away.

It was fahreaking hot, but the winds kept us cool. All the kids loved playing in the water and playing in the sand, we were there about 4 hours then headed back for lunch and lounge time.
We headed out later that afternoon to find the sound side access (only knee deep water and much warmer) but we couldn't find it so we hit a different public beach.

After about an hour the twins were ready to call it quits (D was super hot and G was getting there), so we headed back to camp, and they both took naps.

We all hung out and ate, then I took the twins to the showers. Thank gawd Carly was there, D was in a pissy mood and after the screaming match that was supposed to be a shower, she dressed him and calmed him. The showers were fahreazing...but it felt good after a long day in the sun. Can I just say how dark the kids and I are? Wow...what a few hours of sun will do!

I proceeded to lose my voice earlier this day and by the time dinner was served, I was hoarse. Blah. And I felt like crap. I called it a night around 11:45 PM, and I actually slept through the thunder and lightening, nope I didn't hear a thing.

We woke up around 7:30 AM, but didn't get out of bed till 8:30. One family was packed and gone when we got up. But pretty much everyone was just packing at a leisurely pace. The twins ate and Gary and I packed the truck. The tent has some cuts and such from the poles rubbing up against the nylon on the top of the tent..which pissed me off. It's supposed to be a all-weather tent..NOT! Now I have to google how to mend it. Bastards!!!! A few other tents had the same problem and one tent actually rubbed clean through and collapsed. We (the group) lost (broke) about 4 chairs, and some camping gear.

We all headed to the sound side of Nags head. (Carly and Chris new where it was) and we all swam and just chilled for a few hours before packing back into the truck and heading home around noon.

It was a great trip and it is nice to finally be at home and sleep in my own bed.

No running was done due to the gale force winds and lack of sleep, plus I felt like crap.

I went to the Minute Clinic this afternoon and the RN thinks I have bronchitis. FUN!!! So hopefully the codeine laced cough syrup and the Mucinex will do it's job so I can get my run in tomorrow.

A few pics from the trip (thanks Tiffany)



Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds like fun.
Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Get to feeling better. I love that cough syrup. I had to take it when I had bronchitis.

Lacy said...

Glad you had a fun time. The pics are great. I hope you feel better soon.

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad we took our first camping adventure with you guys and not by ourselves. We definitely learned a lot. Next time we just need to remember to bring Scott's medication so that he's a "happy camper."

Viv said...

Wow the pics look like it was so much fun!! The crud is back again, que meirda! Get better soon mamasita!