Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's not dermatitis...

it's Psoriasis! Ewwwww even worse. Of course I get an uncurable disease.

She prescribed Clobetasol, to apply to my hairline around my forehead and around my ears. And she wants me to use a combo of Nizoral (which I have been using) and T-Sal!

And when the nurse brought me to the room , she asked me a few questions, then told me to undress and put on a robe. I was not prepared for that. I asked her why and she said the Dr. will want to check out the rest of your body. So I took off everything but my panties and of course, the Dr. is having a student shadow her, a Young, good looking, Male student. Mind you .....my legs are not SHAVED! Thank god I am sooooooo tan from our last vacation, and you really couldn't tell! So embarrassing.

So word to the wise, no matter what kind of Dr.'s appt you have, shave your legs and pits (I shaved them, last night)!


Al's CL Reviews said...

LOL at the shaved legs...

tejanamama said...

i could never get tanned enough to hide my THICK gross black hard hairs :( blech!!

Glad your back..had to get caught up ! hadn't checked here in a while! miss you girl!

Viv said...

HAHAHA with the pelo on the piernas!

Girl love the vacation shots what great times!

Am I the only one who has fallen so off the WeWa wagon? Everyone is all counting puntos and I am like a point wha???

May need a friendly challenge between us up to Houston 1/2