Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring is here!

and with it comes this disgusting yellow pollen. :sneeze: It's awful. It gets on EVERYTHING and stays there.

It's been an eventful week in our household. Derrick is feeling 300 percent better. Thank the lord! but Gary caught a really bad flu! We think it might be this swine flu, I mean it really knocked him on his ass. But he is finally getting better. I have never seen him soo sick.

Derrick went back to school yesterday, and is doing great. I am soo happy, I hated seeing him in soo much pain. The meds were giving him stomach cramps! He will be 2 weeks post-op tomorrow. His follow-up appt. with Dr. Gupta is next week, and I am sure it will go fine.

We are camping this weekend with the TIF group,at Jordan lake. I am excited, we have sooo much fun camping.

My knee is still wonky. It hurts some days and is fine others. Blah, I just wish it would heal already. For the 100th time, I am back on WW, and it's going o.k. I can't let my MIL beat me at losing weight. HAHAHAHA.

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