Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surgery aftermath

Surgery went well, better than I expected. Recovery has been good, rough at times, but good. We had him doped up for the last 3 days, and we have cut his meds back, but looks like we need to up them again. Baby boy is in pain. Sad to see him this way.

Last Saturday was the twins first t-ball game. Gabby did better than expected, emotionally, She has been this bundle of emotions lately, shy and reserved. But Gary was there assisting with the team, and I think that helped her come out of her shell.
I thought she was going to breakdown because Derrick was not playing, but she surprised us all!

We have been seriously neglecting our yard. I am hoping to get to that this weekend. I want to do a little planting in the front beds and get the side yard beds assembled. This is going to be a major PITA!

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