Friday, July 10, 2009

Eco-Conscious MelFlex!

I recently joined this shopping community (was on a waiting list) and I have a few invitations, let me know if you are interested. Any who, the items that are for sale in the community through "Events" are some pretty cool stuff. Allot of the stuff is more than 60% off retail value, and I have seen a ton of stuff that I had no idea existed.

Take for instance, Melissa Plastic Dreams Foot ware. Made from reusable substances, eco-friendly, vegan friendly and just plain of funky fresh! The factory recycles 99.9 percent of waste and water used in production. They also recycle unused inventory from previous years. They are doing their part to keep plastic out of landfills.

I love the "Peep Toe" style, which I think looks very similar to the Crocs version. hmmmm. I would definitely sport a pair of these. So if you can (Prices range from $49 - 99) support this company and look great while doing your part to save our planet.

I finally received my Zoya Matte Collection (with the exception of Loredana). I love it and boy did it dry super fast. I have had it on for 5 days now and the tips of my nails are showing wear, so true to what I was told, the wear is not as long as regular polish.
(picture courtesy of VampyVarnish) It looks way better in person! Now if my Illamasqua would just come already!

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