Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I broke it!

As I was pulling everything off the walls in my downstairs bathroom for the re-do, I dropped my $2 Big Lots picture.  It was a space filler, but as I mulled over it a bit I figured out what I could do with things I already had. 

I see that Monograms are big right now, so I joined in. I bought some clearance fabric at Joann's, it's really funky and stretchy and I was gonna use it to try and make my first pillow, then I thought it would look better on my idea. 

All I had to buy was a "W".  I picked off the glue that held the glass in the frame.  Then I wrapped and glued the fabric over the glass, then assembled and glued the glass back into the frame.

While that dried, I spray painted the W black and painted it green.  I let that dry a bit, then went over the green with some more black spraypaint.

I let that set overnight, then I hot glued the W to the frame and hung it up in our Kitchen.  Simple.Easy.Cheap.


Lacy said...

Very creative! I love that fabric.

CandCFamily said...

Sooooo adorable and crafty!