Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scurrred! Kinda.

So with all my new found ambitiousness, there is one thing that scares me.  A SAW! Ackkk!  I think it might be the noise it makes.  Let's not forget the NAIL gun.  I handled one when we installed our floors.  So LOUD.  But I want to try my hand at building a console table!

Knock-Off Wood shows us bloggers "How to Build Knock-Out, Knock-Off Furniture".  She breaks all her plans down, step by step and tells you exactly what you will need.  Some pieces (especially her Farmhouse bed) look DAUNTING, but she did it.

I saw plans for her Simple, Cheap and Easy Console Table and thought "I could totally make that" or atleast try right?

I have nothing, by the way of tools, to make this though. Untill I asked my fave co-worker, JW, and she said "Oh, I got you! You can borrow my something something saw, it's perfect for a first time user".

It's going to be a while before I actually get the balls to start this, but I am on my way!