Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Shelve It

We needed something on the walls of the dining room. I have pictures on one side, and the other wall had this fabulous mirror that I bought at an estate sale. I decided that mirror would look great in the downstairs bathroom, but then I had an empty wall.

I perused a few DIY sites when I came across these plans. Simple, Sleek, and Easy! Hit up Home Depot, bought the lumber (I think I spent a little over $20 on Poplar) and spray paint, Black. Took me about 20 minutes to cut (Unlike the plans, I cut my shelves at 4 feet not 3 feet) and sand the pieces, then I spray painted everything black. Easy Peasy.

Well as I was measuring out the wall space in the dining room with the old man, we came to the conclusion that this was not the right space for these shelves. They jutted out to far to walk by comfortably. Booo Hisss Boooooooooo! Dayum you narrow spaces!

We brainstormed where to put these fabulous black shelves....Aha, the Gabanators room, but wait, Black shelves in a yellow room? I don't think so! Off to Lowe's  I went and bought cream colored spray paint and primer. After many many MANY coats of cream paint, I was done. Ehh you can kinda see the black on the ends..but it gives them character.

Welp I thought I had the hanging part figured out, uhm yeah Not.So.Much. My first idea went horribly wrong. Not Pretty. But the second idea (which is the correct way, screwing them into the studs, duh) worked like a charm. So into the wee hours of the A.M. I hung these suckers, and SUCCESS! These babies are up and they ain't never coming down cuz that was the biggest P.I.T.A. EVAH! 

Don't mind the holes, I patched them in after I took the pictures, and sorry for the poor picture quality, it was very late and I was exhausted!

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