Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I actually held a long...

conversation whilst running this mernin'. I ran with Tom and we had some catching up to do, since we have both been too busy to run with each other. I was surprised I could do this with all the fahreakin' hills in our neighborhood. It was quite nice, although my HR was in the 170's most of the time we were out.

I was supposed to attend my friend Kim's Body Pump class tonight, I was really really really looking forward to it, but the IL's want to have us over for dinner to celebrate the twins birthday, since we will be busy packing on Thursday for our trip to Nags Head. Oh well, next week for sure. She also teaches an aerobic yoga class as well as a spinning class. She said I could come anytime, and I think it would be an awesome opportunity. I have always wanted to take a spin class. I will keep you all updated.

AM workout:
3.1 mile / 34 minutes
10:96 avg


Viv said...

Man, you were going fast for all that yapping chica! hehehhe

Have a nice dinner at the IL's. did I hear spin class...oh yea get on that.

Tammy said...


Have a nice dinner tonight.

Lacy said...

All your running really inspires me. Have you dropped that 10 lbs. you wanted to lose before your trip to Cali?

I LOVE YOU said...


I LOVE YOU said...