Sunday, January 24, 2010

Donwstairs Bathroom Re-do - Part 1

When we first moved in, I was gung ho about redoing this bathroom.  But motherhood got in the way, the twins were 6 months old when we bought the house.  Fast forward 6 years later, still the bathroom remained undone, well except for the popcorn ceiling removal that went horribly craptastic.

I wanted to fix the ceiling but didn't want to add the acoustics again, so after some googling, I found it.  Ceiling tile.  It's cheap, easier than plastering and sanding.  So I headed to Lowes to purchase the box of ceiling tiles.  It came with 40 - 12" X 12" tiles and directions.  I bought Liquid Nails (which after the tiles kept falling off, I read the directions "Not recommended for ceiling tiles") and went on my way!

OH.MY.GAWD what a effin PITA this job was, and talk about messy.  I just wanted it to be over.  Back to the falling tiles.  Well I used finishing nails to anchor the tiles till the Liquid Nails dried.  I headed to The HD to inquire on a different adhesive and found a much better alternative, and boy did that stuff adhere!

5 hours and one stiff neck and back later, I was done!  It does need another round of caulk, then will need some sanding but it is done.  Part 2 of the remodel will be adding the crown molding and painting the ceiling.  Eventually I will add chair rail molding and I am toying with the idea of bead board.

Our friend Andy was over and was so into me doing the bead board. Eh  I was thinking more easy, like doing the molding boxes instead. 



China Glaze : Chocodisiac, did not hold up to the roughness of the re-do, RIP!


Lacy said...

Wow,looks like a lot of work. I am posting tomorrow on my blog about faux beadboard that looks realy cool. It's paintable wallpaper.

Lacy said...

Here's another console table that looks thinner and super easy to make. I plan to make in black and with a small shelf for a basket for keys and mail:

Oops, I didn't post the beadboard wallpaper. A cranky baby distracted me. Here's the link: