Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jack Johnson rocked.

We started out tailgating around 6:30 , (24 oz of Bud was $11 in the pavilion, so we agreed early on that tailgating was to be done) and Savannah and I headed into the pavilion around 8:30, found a place right in front of the grassy knoll, where we waited for Karen and her sister.

I was surprised at the turn out. It was a packed event, people were everywhere, lots of drunk tweenies running around like idiots, and a few were arrested for underage drinking.

We couldn't have cared less for the opening acts, so we just talked and waited for JJ to come on.

I was pretty drunk and I don't remember the first song, LMAO but I guess I knew the words cuz I remember hearing my self, obnoxiously loud.

He also forgot the words to a few songs WTF? But the crowd just laughed.

At 11:30 we were hurded out the front gates, then we hurried up to wait after we got in our cars. I think we made it out around 12:15, and we were hoping to get some grub at one of Gary's BK's but they closed. Gary was not happy to hear this, they are supposed to stay open till 1AM...uh oh did I get someone in trouble? LOL

Savannah and I headed to Lenny's, uh I mean Denny's for a super bird with lots of ranch.

I think I was in my drive way by 2AM...

I HATE LIFE RIGHT NOW! but it was a great show and worth the tiredness now.

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CandCFamily said...

I missed out on a good time.