Friday, August 1, 2008

Back on the streets...

Running, that is. Why is it 80+ degrees and 87416316136136154 % humidity at 5:30AM? Jeez Laweeze, this weather blows. Got up early for my first run in 2 weeks, and it didn't suck as much as I thought it would (i.e. having to walk which I didn't) Tom kept me running. When did that happen?

We did 4 miles in 43 minutes, I think the first mile was 9:32, wowza! I am feelin' it in my hamstrings and calves. Even the top of my left foot aches, WTF?

Tonight I am taking the twins to Monkey Joes with our TriangeInterracialFamilies group.

Tomorrow we are going swimming with some friends, Sunday I am hoping to get our butts to church, since we haven't been in months. Pray for us!

Today's Run:
4 miles / 43 min
10:45 avg.