Monday, January 26, 2009

How in the hell...

did I gain 3lbs? Man that is sooo frustrating. Aagh. Whatever. I am getting stronger in my running, and I feel better overall. But that weight thing still looms over my head......soo ANNOYING!

I think I am going to move up my runs, and schedule my longer run for Saturday mornings. It will just be easier for me. We stay up late on Saturday nights and then on Sunday I can barely make it out the door for church, never mind a run!

Today's run, it felt like my legs weighed a hundred pounds each. And my calves were really TIGHT! So I stopped and stretched and walked a few kms. I need to google some good calf stretches, because I am trying to run allot more hills and grades, and I think that's why my muscles are tight!

I am thinking of signing up for a race next month. It has been about 6 months since I last raced and I am itching to get out there!

Today's Run:
4.25 miles / 55:02

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