Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am SICK!

WTF? I was totally fine this morning and then around 11AM I started to feel achy and filled with the chills. Blah. I went for my run anyways, and went very slow. I actually think my time is off, but i forgot what time I started. Oh well.

I was talking to Lesley via Facebook, and she is doing the Bank of America Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon, which was my very first Half Marathon, and she suggested that I run it with here. I have not been training properly, hap-hazardly is more like it. I am up to 6 miles consecutively. So I typed in my info into SmartCoach and it says I can be ready in 7 weeks. I think it's all mental, but I am scared. WTF?

I am going to do it. Just putting on my big girl panties and doing it. And can I just say, 8 miles on Saturday. Holy shit. But I will get it done.

Now the more I talk about it, the more excited I am.

Today's Run:
5 miles / 78 minutes
a gawd awful slow pace