Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Been a little busy, so here is a quick recap.

I had a lunch with an old co-worker, (BBL at her house) and we caught up on what was new, so I was only able to get in my 20 MIN Pilate's workout that morning.

I ran 5 miles on the ATT during lunch, this was a great run.

I was supposed to run my 6 miles on this day, but I slept in and we had made plans to go to the Durham Museum of Life and Science.

So I ran 6.25 miles on Sunday on the ATT, it was really hard, but the day was gorgeous.

Then we headed to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl. I did really well, and stayed out of the kitchen where the food was. I had on alcoholic drink, and limited myself to one very small plate of veggies and dip and 2 small slices of veggie pizza.

The kids and I headed home at half time, so there wasn't anymore food temptations.

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