Monday, March 10, 2008

I really dislike the begining of...

Day Light Savings Time when we lose an hour. Like most of my fellow Americans, I was waaaaaay late to work this morning. Thank goodness the twins were "ANGELS' this morning and were roarin' to go.

MIL is doing fine, she was a very sore from her PT on Friday, but she is up and walking, with impromptu trips to COSTCO.

So needless to say my run didn't happen today, but since I am moving my long run to Saturday, this week will be chalk full of runs, 4 in a row that are going to kill me but they need to get done, since it's less than 4 weeks till D-Day.

Ran with the neighbor on Saturday, 7:30 AM, was the earliest he would go, the weather was perfect, a lil' on the humid side with breezes, and after the quick 3 miles, bam it started to rain and turned chilly.

I have to say I really like running with a partner. Keeps me on my toes and the time flies.