Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a day part 2...

as I was driving through UNC's campus to get to Fleet Feet, a coppah pulled me over for the window tint. Ugh. He ask for my license and whatnot. He comes back and informs me I am driving with a suspended license, have a warrant out for my arrest and might have to impound my car and take me to jail!

Holy fucken shit, I got light headed and felt nauseous. Now I have been to jail before, but not as a mother. As soon as he went back to his cruiser I balled like a big ole' baby. I called Gary and he tried to calm me down.

Well the coppah came back and said he was mistaken but he was going to take my license, and he was going south and I should go north.

Well I head to the DMV in hicksville, and get nothing but grievance from the lowly hourly waged employees. Complete assholes, so I had to drive all the way home to pick up my passport and SSN and head to the DMV in Cary, where I was met with smiles and apologies.

$11o later, I had my record cleared and a new license in my hand. What a week I tell yeah.

So needless to say my running has been non-existent, and I am quite perturbed, as my race is in a weeks time. Oh well, I will just get in my remaining runs, and I should be fine.

I went today and got fitted for a shiny, soft new pair of running shoes. Asics Gel -Landreth 4 OH MY GOD, it's like running on pillows. I have been running in New Balance WR892, and boy what a difference. I love New balance but Asics know what the hell they are doing. Eeeeek I had to buy a size 10, I thought I was gonna faint. A 10? Really? and the Aics are wide in the front and this is what I was lacking from the WR892's.

I also picked up a wicking tank from Calvin Klein and comfy running capris from Nike, courtesy of TJ Maxx! My official RACE outfit. I really want shorts but my thighs are soo not ready for them, so I will have to sweat it out in capris, no wicking!


Lacy said...

I never took your for an outlaw. lol just kidding. Good luck on your run.

Viv said...

I am glad he let ya go and you got that all squared away. Man, that was a rough day but with a happy ending. Yea, I lmost fruck out when I had to buy 9's on my Ascics. They feel great though, enjoy them!!