Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cold and rainy?

how is this possible when it has been 70 plus degrees out this whole week? ugh so annoying.

Well I only did 5 miles of speed work instead of the scheduled 10 yesterday because I had 12 miles t0 get in today. I was pissed off that it was so chilly, and sooo windy. Doesn't the BIG GUY know that I had 12 miles to do and 15-20 MPH winds are not good? I did it and cursed every mile, but I did conquer the HUGE ASS hill that I usually walk. I mean there are tons of hills on this run but this one seems to never end, but I did it.

I am loving the new Asics, but they still have some breaking in to do. I am going to run with my neighbor tomorrow morning, up Main Street, a quick 4, but he is hesitant, we usually do 3.

So the race is in one WEEK, and I have a handful of supporters coming. Hopefully the weather is more cooperative than today!

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Viv said...

Yea on getting the mileage in. You are going to do great next weekend. I am so excited for you!!