Monday, March 17, 2008

A case of the MUNDAY's!

Why do MONDAY's sxazz? I'll tell you why, it's because I have to get my ass up, get ready, wake the twins up, get them ready, then fight traffic to get to my IL's then fight even more stupid ass drivers to get to work!
Stepping off my soapbox now!

Back to topic: Running

Thank you, Tom, for offering to watch the twins on Saturday so I could get my 11 miles done with a quickness. (I talk about Tom allot don't I? It's just cuz, Tom and Tesa are the best neighbors EVAH!) well not a quickness, it took me longer than normal, I ran a new loop and it had to large hills and running against heavy traffic, the winds were killer (2 hrs 17 min)

And they even kept them so I could get a shower and go grocery shopping for the Temptations party I hosted with Gretchen. I ate way too much, but I had a blast. I felt a little bad, I kinda skipped out on the clean up, but it was 1 AM when I left and had a 45 minute commute home.

Today's run was simple but I amped up the speed, did 2 at an average of 9:45. I was sucking wind whilst running on a speed of 8. I am still a little sore form Saturday's run, but my recovery is soo much better than when I first started, so my body is showing that it is so much stronger.

What am I gonna do once the race has come and gone? Find another? There is another in October, a half I mean, and I am thinking of signing up for it.

I still need to find a 5K for me and Tom!


Viv said...

Those are great neighbors! Girl, is it me or are you getting fater than the wind! WTFG!

Diario de Elysia said...

I am hoping you meant faster, cuz I am getting Fatter was well..and was hoping people didn't notice!