Friday, June 5, 2009

Can I say how much I hate Kindergarten so far?

I just want to pull all my effin hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaah! So for those of you who don't know (most of you do) the duo were re-disctrict from Holly Grove Elementary to the new Herbert Akins Road Elementary in Fuquay-Varina. Well let me tell you something, the new school starts at 9:15, the after school care is $30 more a child per month because the new YMCA is running the program, and I would have to fight even more traffic on my way back through Holly Springs to Cary. UGH!

We put in a transfer to Farmington Woods, Swift Creek and Holly Springs Elementarys. We were DENIED! Booo. So I sent in our appeal and we are slated to give our 2 min/per child speech on the 15th! We are all going, MIL included to give our schpeal about how we want our kids to go to either those 3 schools because my MIL id the PDP.

There was an article printed in our local paper about how many transfers were denied and that 48% of appeals are awarded. Please lord let is be in that 48%! Paleeeeeeze!?


tejanamama said...

GOOD LUCK!!! when is it? I will keep my fingers crossed for you! LOOOVE the blog btw, so much easier! :) YES I do better with less clicking of the mouse! :) hehehe When do the kids have their bday? and...gonna post more pics to my other blog. check it out soon. want you to see the babe! she is changing so much!!! MISS YOU HONEY!!! **HUGS**

tejanamama said...

oh and SOOOO Not lookin forward to school drama! it started with damn prek! cannot afford most and was late on the boat to many others...on a wait list for one and wont hear til july and if that doesnt work out...we outta luck :( sucked having no brain and no idea that schools registered first thing in jan/feb for sept! I HAD NO CLUE :( baaaaad mama!!!