Monday, June 29, 2009

My babies turned 5!

On June 27th, 2009 my babies turned 5! Still can't believe it. I need some bricks to put on their heads to stop them from growin up! We decided to have a Bowling Party since it is soo hot during this time. It was a fun, chaotic party! I recommend Buffaloe Lanes in Cary and ask for Erica to be your party hostess. She was awesome!

After that we headed back to the house and we had a cookout. Sooo much fun. I really love our circle of friends. Good times!

And since I have such a girly girl, as a surprise I took Gabby to Sweet & Sassy and had her hair done and a mini mani/pedi! OMG I was dying, it was the cutest thing ever.


tejanamama said...

I check here so often and when i dont you go on a posting frenzy!! lol

YOUR kids look so sweet. gabby looks THIN! she is stretching out! I cannot believe they are FIVE!!!! INSANE!!! :( :( :(

Al's CL Reviews said...

So cute! Love the cakes!