Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Extremely Proud to Be an AMERICAN!

This brought tears to my eyes!

From my MIL:

"Hi Everyone I just wanted to tell you what nice thing happened to Derrick and Gabby this morning. We were at Panera's restaurant and we met a really nice solider. Well Derrick kept telling the man that he has a Army Guy just like him, very excitedly and he said his army guy even has the same color of hair. The man laughed and then got down to shake Derrick and Gabby's hand and asked Derrick if he wanted to be in the Army? He told Derrick that he jumps out of planes and then told us he has three kids and one of his sons is over in Iraq now and that he was leaving in a week to go over to Iraq himself."

He then proceeded to tell my MIL that he this will be his 7th tour of duty in Iraq. His son is there and his daughter is at WestPoint. She was so touched she thanked him for all he did for us and gave him a big hug and told him to be safe.

As he went to leave he bent down and gave Derrick his "Special Forces Ranger" patch and gave Gabby his American flag patch. What a special gesture, one that I will make sure that he remembers, the generosity of that one special soldier, fighting so that my son and daughter can live is this great country!

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