Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks TejanaMama...

for reminding me. We heard last week that our appeal was APPROVED. The duo is scheduled to attend Swift Creek Elementary. Go COUGARS! This was our second choice, but just as equally great news.

It is a Traditional calendar school, and from what I have researched, has excellent/high test scores from the lower grades. Oh and their after school care is $70 less per child a month. Woo effin hoo. Was stressing out there for a bit!

Plus I am not too far from the school and my MIL is less than 5 miles away, just in case anyhting happens!

Frist day of school is Augst 25th, which put a damper on our September vacation plans. Hopefully we can rent the beach house in early August, if it is available.


tejanamama said...

Awesome awesome news! so glad you got one of your choices!

So they will do afterschool program and you get them afterschool or will mil pick them up? I CANNOT believe those kids are gonna be in kinder! time flies :(

**HUGS** girl! miss you tons! wish you were close enough for us to drive over!!

Lacy said...

Woo-hoo!!! That's great news!