Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary to...

ME! Eh got a call from MIL this morning, she was up all night spewing her insides into the toilet, so I had to call our great neighbors, and they agreed to watch the twins! :/ Great start to the week dontcha think?

I took my MIL to see Sex and the City, which was fabulous, we were laughing then crying then laughing all over again. We were surprised we were able to get in. We went to the 7PM showing and it wasn't packed, but I went to the restroom, and there was a line in the hallway for the 8PM and 9PM showings.

We like to do "Double Features" so after SATC we waited for What Happens in Vegas, which was an hour away, I talked my MIL to going to see The Strangers, which I had no idea it was based on true events or scary.

OMG, the whole theater, which consisted of teeny boppers, were screaming and laughing in sync. It was awesome. My MIL couldn't take the "horror" so she went to the Vegas theater and I followed after the end of The Strangers.

That Vegas movie blew. Hated it! Pass if you can, wait for the DVD.


I got up early and headed out for 3.5. It was great weather, breezy 62. Been reading this book by
Runners World - a book for women and running. And the chapter I left off on said that I need to attack the hills with more speed and better form, so that is what I practiced on this mornings run.

Do the hills ever get easier? I live in NC, and I have yet to find an area that has a completely flat route. What is up with that? I ran a route with 7 hills. 3 intense inclines and 2 moderate and 2 easy. Man I was sucking wind, but it felt good, and I feel my form improving. But yeah I still hate those Hills!

Today's Workout
3.5 miles / 37:07


Tammy said...

Great run, Elysia!
The hills do get easier, but they always suck.

I also loved the Sex and the City movie- saw it last night. My daughter wants to see the Strangers, of course she's a teen...

Happy Anniversary!

Viv said...

Fantastic quick run!

I loved the SATC movie it was such a party atmosphere.

So Vegas, blew. I wanted to see that. Thanks I will wait for the DVD.

Kelly said...

Good job on the run Elysia!