Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So gorgeous out today!

It was a pleasant surprise as I stepped out this morning for my run. I was planning on doing 3, but changed it to 5 since the weather was delightful. I chose to run along Hwy 55 (not a great idea, but there is a mock trail along side the asphalt), I am getting bored of the other routes in my neighborhood. There is a beast of a hill at about mile 4.5, but I kept it slow and steady and I was fine.

And why do assholes deem it necessary to honk at me? Am I bothering you with my fitness our are you flirting? Whatev, it was a great way to start this day!

I did hop on the treadmill last night, I needed to break it in. Man it seems fast, I was huffin and puffin at the 11:30 pace, I would walk after each mile, for about .25, then resume running. Hmmmm, I still prefer/love running outside than on that machine.

WEEDS: So I was all psyched for the Weeds premiere last night, but I couldn't get my eyes to stay open. I tiVo'd it as well as the The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which looks really good as well.

AM Run:
5.2 miles / 57:43
11:04 avg

PM Gym Workout:
1.25 mile run
Upper and CORE ST (Runners World Series)

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