Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hotter than all get out...

it was yesterday. I ran in 101 degree heat. I was trying to get in 5 miles but I only mustered 4.5 and only 3 of that was actual running (again are there no flat trails here in NC? I am sick to death of trying to run on all these FUCKING hills). But I got it in cuz I slept in that morning. and I hate missing workouts.

I am a little depressed, I am up up up on the scale. WTF? Just irritating is all. I am soo tired of hovering around the same number these past 3 months. But I am hiking up the big girl panties and am keepin' keeping on!

A little over 4 weeks before I head home to see my family. I am shooting for a 10lb weight loss before then. We will see if I can shoot a miracle out my fat ass!

Yesterday's Run:
4.5 miles / 59:20 min
13:15 Avg (holy shit that's just awful)

Today's Gym Workout:
30 min on the elliptical
Runners World Core ST


Al's CL Reviews said...

You ran in the heat! Kudos!

Keep running in it, and you'll sweat off the 10 pounds if not more.

tejanamama said...

I know i'm not the best to give advice but up the ST and drink less and i bet you see the pounds melt off! the running can only do so much if your muscle tone isn't getting enough attention to build it and hence, burn more cals! You are doing great and inspiring me! KEEP IT UP :)

Tammy said...

Sorry for the scale... don't sweat it, it'll come off.

Great job running in the heat.

Oh, and I'm tagging you! Come to my blog to see what I'm talking about.

Yasmin said...

I'm right there with ya. After my Tri on Sunday, I'm going to start planning my workouts better so I can sneak some strength training in there.

I will tell you when I was in self imposed WW AA I was losing. Now, not so much.