Tuesday, June 3, 2008


just amazing!
This gave me goose bumps, the likeness to Steve Perry is uncanny! Kudos to Arnell Pineda.

So day two of the getting my ass up early to run went well. I think I kinda like it! Leaves my afternoon's open to ST/XT.
Today's Run:
4.10 miles - 43:54
10:36 Avg


Viv said...

HS, his voice is right on to Perry's. They siad he has one of the most difficult voices to copy. This guy nailed it! And got a hella awesome gig from You Tube.

WTG on the AM running!

Lesley said...

Good job on the morning run, Elysia! I like starting the day with exercise too--nice accomplishment right off the bat! :)

Al's CL Reviews said...

It feels good to have it done, but dang it is so hard to get up at 5AM.

Good job!